Manuscripts tendered for publication in Synergy Publishers journals are controlled to double-blind peer-review. Double-blind examining preserves the identification of the author and the reviewers by not revealing their names.

Reviewers are encouraged to analyze the following essential points of a manuscript when managing the review.

Original Results Reporting:

The outcomes reported in the manuscript must be unique and actual work of the authors. They should be without any plagiarism, and the material should not have been published earlier. Studies that explain some produced results, for instance, a new clinical case, may also be granted for publication.

Examinations and Experiments:

Experiments and other studies should meet the recognized professional criteria and must be reported in an orderly. The study performed in a manuscript should help in reaching clear outcomes from the statistics. Methods and experiments, as well as reagents, should be documented in the article.

Results of Interpretation:

Authors should perform and evaluate the results also conclusions comprehensively and adequately, clearly demonstrating their study results and outcomes. Incomplete analysis of results may result in the rejection of the manuscript.

Composition of Language:

The manuscript should be written in English directly and actively, free from grammatical errors and other grammatical inconsistencies. All pages should be counted sequentially, helping the reviewing and editing of the manuscript. Authors should ask expert support for fixing grammatical, scientific, and typographical mistakes before presenting the revised version of the article for publication. Expert editing services may also be attempted by the organization available at Synergy Publishers without any additional charge.

Humans and Animals Involving Experiments:

The study must meet the essential applicable international criteria of the principles of experimentation and research integrity. A concise summary of ethical guidelines is furnished in every Journal published by Synergy Publishers in the ‘Authors Guidelines.’

Guidelines Reporting (e.g., MIAME, STROBE, CONSORT, EQUATOR) and Data Community Standards:

The manuscript should adhere to proper reporting guidelines (e.g., MIAME, STROBE, CONSORT, EQUATOR) and community criteria for data availability. Synergy Publishers seeks to advertise research and specifies that the public declaration of data is per the following standards (gene sequences, microarray expression data, and structural investigations). Other similar rules that may be appropriate should also be followed.


Reviewers are expected to present guidance on the following points in their review reports:

  • Is the manuscript written comprehensively enough to be acceptable? If not, how could it be corrected?
  • Have sufficient proofs been given for the presentations?
  • Have the authors discussed the early findings enough?
  • Does the paper give sufficient details of its methodology to match the experiments?
  • Synergy Publishers encourages authors to publish complete practices as promoting knowledge online. Do any different methods used in the manuscript permit such a protocol?


The reviewers should present their reports suitable since a prompt review leads to a timely publication. This is important not only for the authors but for the scientific community as well.