Journal of Modern Medicinal Chemistry

Table of Contents
Volume 8, 2020

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Communication: Novel Drug Combination Doxycycline-Melatonin-Digoxin(D-M-D) for Possible Covid-19 Treatment Pages 1-3
Tsatsaris Athanasios, Christos Psychos and Steven Domenikos

Active Nature Based Ingredients for Drug Discovery with Pivotal Role of Clinical Efficacy: Review and Prospective Pages 4-18
Rolf Teschke and Tran Dang Xuan

A Critical Analysis of the Association between Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Human Metabolic Disorders Pages 19-32
Ali A. Rizvi

Controversy on a Newly Published Case of Assumed Acute Liver Failure One Day after Kava Use: Issues of Confounders, Causality, and an Undetermined Cause Pages 33-40
Rolf Teschke and Mathias Schmidt

Comparative Analysis of In Vitro Antibacterial Effectiveness of Ozonized and Non-Ozonized Vegetable Oils on Neisseria gonorrhoeae Pages 41-48
Morisa Martins Leão Carvalho, Dora Inés Kozusny-Andreani, Fernando Batigália, Ademir Barianni Rodero, Nilton Cesar Pezati Boer, Renato Amaro Zângaro and Rogério Rodrigo Ramos

Phylogeny and Pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2: A Systematic Study Pages 49-55
Larissa Amoroso da Silva, Luciana Estevam Simonato and Rogério Rodrigo Ramos

Are drugs containing a carboxylic acid functional group associated with a significant risk of idiosyncratic drug reactions? Pages 56-64
Jack Uetrecht

Pharmacovigilance of drug-induced liver injury in search for frequency and outcomes in a Brazilian hospital: Challenges in future cases using a robust causality assessment method such as the updated RUCAM Pages 65-73
Matheus W. Becker, Lisiana N. Fontoura and Carine R. Blatt

Current Aspects of Hepatic Lipotoxicity in Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease Pages 74-84
Cordova-Gallardo Jacqueline, Mohammed Eslam and Mendez-Sanchez Nahum

Letter to the Editor:
Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields and Possible Cancer Risk: Photochemical Aspects
Pages 85-87

Sergei V. Jargin

A Probable Case of Kava Induced Cholestatic Liver Injury with Causality Assessment by the updated RUCAM Pages 88-92
Harry Zobel, Madhuri Chengappa, Ipsit Pandya and Izat Hjazi

Liver Injury by Drugs Metabolized via Cytochrome P450 Pages 93-98
Rolf Teschke and Gaby Danan