Journal of Cardiology and Therapeutics

Table of Contents
Volume 8, 2020

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Anomalous Coronary Arteries: Two Unique Cases as Viewed by Invasive Angiography with Brief Review of Literature Pages 1-5
Mistafa A. Hafid, Christopher G. Gibson, Saeed A. Bazzi, Jonathan R. Forquer and John J. Lazarus

Assessment of the Reversibility of Pulmonary Hypertension in Adult Congenital Heart Defects: When, how and why? Pages 6-12
D. Echazarreta, L. Ortíz, M. Maydana, M. Gomez, A. Hauqui, I. Rifourcat and M. Portis

123Iodo-MIBG in the Study of Patients with Heart Failure and Severe Impairment of Ventricular Function Pages 13-19
M. Gomez, L. Ortiz, M. Maydana, M. Uriarte, A. Medina, M. Mónaco and D. Echazarreta