Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Table of Contents
Volume 8, 2020

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Short Communication: The Impact of Telemedicine in Rheumatology during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Current Guidelines and Practices Pages 1-2
Christopher G. Gibson, Jared G. Gibson, Irving L. Rosenberg and Stephanie J. Ott

Sensing Device for Breath Rate Monitoring Fabricated by using Geomorphic Natural Clinoptilolite Pages 3-10
Gianfranco Carotenuto

Efficacy of Essential Oils in In Vitro Control of Acinetobacter baumanniiPages 11-22
Glaucimeire Rodrigues de Andrade, Dora Inês Kozusny-Andreani, Roberto Andreani Junior, Igor Renan Honorato Gatto and Rogério Rodrigo Ramos

Microplastics and Alien Black Particles as Contaminants of Deep-Water Rose Shrimp (Parapenaeus longistroris Lucas, 1846) in the Central Mediterranean Sea Pages 23-28
Gioacchino Bono, Fabio Falsone, Francesca Falco, Federico Di Maio, Marta Gabriele, Vita Gancitano, Michele Luca Geraci, Danilo Scannella, Maria Mancuso, Charles Odilichukwu R. Okpala and Pasti Luisa

Ozone Therapy with Ozonized Water: An Alternative Process for the Sterilization of Manicure Pliers In Vitro Pages 29-35
Ursulandrea Sanches Abelan, Morian Lauana Miguelão Canada, Dora Inés Kozusny-Andreani, Renato Amaro Zângaro and Rogério Rodrigo Ramos