Plastic Surgery of Male External Genitalia after a Trauma Caused by a Mill in Rural Area

Modou Ndiaye, Ibrahima Dara Diamé, Amath Thiam, Tiennou Hafing, Ibrahima Diallo, Ibrahima Bocar Welle, Mouhamed Aly Sylla, Mohamed Jalloh


The trauma of the external genital organs is a common urological emergency that can affect the patient's functional and psychosocial prognosis as well as his family. We report a case of direct trauma of the external genitalia of a 27-year-old by a mill, requiring a recover plastic surgery in rural area. The examination at admission revealed a significant damage of penile and scrotal skin, denuding testes and cavernous bodies. A cover plastic surgery was performed. After a year of follow up, the outcome was good.


External genital organs trauma, urological emergencies, plastic surgery, decay.

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