Hypovitaminosis D and Type 2 Diabetes: What Correlation? Control Case Study about 110 Cases

Sakina Bellouk, Siham El Aziz, Asma Chadli


Introduction: Relationship between diabetes and the (OH) vitamin D status raises several controversies; The aim of our study is to evaluate Vitamin D status in Moroccan type 2 diabetic women (DT2) by comparing it with a non-diabetic group (T).

Secondary purpose was to establish relationships between Vitamine D status and T2D patients various metabolic, clinical and therapeutic parameters.

Materials and Methods: This a cross-sectional case-control study including 110 patients with a Vitamin D dose (60 DT2 / 50 controls> 30 years). We excluded patients with a disease involving phosphocalcic metabolism or receiving Vitamin D supplementation or advanced renal or hepatic failure. Variables studied in the DT2 group were age, diabetes duration, glycemic equilibrium, BMI, degenerative complications, antidiabetic treatment, the menopause and vitamin D. Results were compared to a non-diabetic control group according to age, BMI and menopausal status.

Results: Mean age was 51.5 ± 10.95 (DT2) vs 48.9 ± 11.2 years (T). Mean DT2 BMI was 32.1 vs 27.7 Kg / m2. Mean diabetes duration was 7.13 years with mean HBA1c at 9.17%. Hypovitaminosis D was present in 85% DT2, these results were comparable to the control group (84%). Mean level of Vitamin D was lower in the DT2 group: 17 ± 10.6 vs 22.2 ± 11.4 ng / ml (p = 0.005). 39% of TD2 were deficient vs 23% (T) p <0.001. Hypovitaminosis D was more frequent in DT2 patients with a BMI> 35kg / m2 (p= 0.003) with no significant relationship to age or menopausal status.
In the DT2 group, there was a negative correlation between serum vitamin D levels and diabetes duration and BMI. Without relationship with HbA1c, degenerative complications or antidiabetic treatment.

Conclusion: Hypovitaminosis D is as frequent in the diabetic population as in non-diabetic patients with lower rates and high prevalence in obese patients with ancient diabetes.


DT2-Vitamin D-metabolic parameters-BMI.

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