The International Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Mental Health is a peer-reviewedmedical journal which strengthen the research and educational base of psychiatry.

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The journal provides an active platform for researchers, educators, and clinicians concerned with mental health, primary health care and related aspects of medical care from around the world. The Journal is dedicated to provide reliable, valid clinical and scientific information about mental health care and improve the quality of mental health disorders.


Advance knowledge concerning depression, bipolar disorder,schizophrenia,anxiety, addiction, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as several other subject areas suitable for journal.

The Journal welcomes empirical papers as well as occasional reviews and associated theoretical formulations regarding research related to clinical issues at all levels of analysis (from genes and molecules to contexts and cultures), using the full range of behavioral and biological methods, and incorporating both human and non-human animal models.

ISSN: 2310-8231