Table of Contents

Case Report

Syphilis, HIV and other Infections: A Continuing Challenge PDF
Emilce de los Angeles Méndez, Susana Teresita Morano, Carlos Piva 1-3

Research Articles

Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Tissue Alterations of Ultraviolet-Irradiated Skin in Five Different Mice Strains PDF
Adrián Friedrich, Mariela Paz, Eliana Cela, Juliana Leoni, Daniel Gonzalez Maglio 4-12
Association of Demodex Folliculorum in Acne/Rosacea and Folliculitis and the Efficacy of Combined Therapy (Metronidazole and Benzyl Benzoate) PDF
Liana Manolache 13-18

Review Article

Proposal for Guidelines for the Treatment of Vitiligo in Croatia PDF
Andrija Stanimirovic, Mirna Situm, Kresimir Kostovic, Vedrana Bulat, Maja Kovacevic, Marija Kastelan, Neira Puizina-Ivic, Nives Pustisek, Ivana Culav-Koscak 19-26
Treatment Options in Behcet’s Disease PDF
Umit Tursen, Belma Tursen 27-49