Histopathological Examination of Teat Obstruction in Cows (Pages 9-11)

N. Arul Jothi

Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, Rajiv Gandhi institute of Veterinary Education and Research, Pondicherry-9, India

DOI: https://doi.org/10.12970/2310-0796.2020.08.03

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Abstract: A total of 36 Jersey cross bred cows with teat obstruction aged between 2.6 years to 6.7 years and the body weight ranged from 374 kg to 409 kg were taken for the present study. The age at first calving of the cows ranged from 2.18 years to 2.4 years. Animals were presented between 1st and 4th lactation, all the cows were maintained with live calves at an age between 6 days to 245 days. Knukling method of milking was practiced in all the affected animals. After the ultrasonographical examination of the affected teat, under xylazine sedation, the obstructive mass was resected using theloresectoscope and suitable samples for histopathological examination were harvested from the affected teat and preserved in 10% neutral-buffered formalin for histopathological studies. Histopathological examination of the teat tip obstruction was showing excessive keratinization. Tissues collected at the mid teat level were showing fibrino necrotic debris with few inflammatory cells and area of calcification adjoining to lactiferous duct and excessive collagen deposit. In teat base obstruction area of calcification adjoining to lactiferous duct was noticed.

Keywords: Cow teat obstruction, Histopathology, Mid teat obstruction.
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