Medical Conditions that could Contribute to the Incidence of Transport-Related Problem Behaviours in Equids Pages 4-8

Tom Ahern

Knockdown Lodge, 17 Keymer Street, 6104, Western Australia


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Abstract: There had been a number of studies into the various types and incidence of transport-related problem behaviours in equids. Inadequate or poorly executed training was one of several human factors that were seen to contribute to these behaviours. Driver attention, distance travelled, animal orientation and vehicle type were others. What had not been investigated was the possibility that certain medical conditions could contribute to the incidence of these problem behaviours. The impact of medical conditions involving neuropathic pain and others where a history of upper airways instability was evident were discussed. The importance of acquiring a full history encompassing all incidents of altered behaviour and not just those directly associated with vehicular travel was emphasised. With medical conditions that had associated altered behaviours there were quite often a cluster of these behaviours which could include elements of transport-related problem behaviours.

Keywords: Horse, transport, problem behaviour, neuropathic pain, palatal instability. Read more