Beneficial Effects of Exercise Training in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure Pages 20-33

Hossein Movahed, Long Bao Cao, Mariavittoria Pitzalis and Assad Movahed

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, ECU Brody School of Medicine, Greenville, NC 27834, USA


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Abstract: Several human and experimental studies have been performed to show the effects of exercise training on chronic heart failure (CHF). These studies have shown that exercise improves the adverse pathophysiologic changes which occur with CHF, including enhanced exercise capacity, ventilation, skeletal muscle metabolism, cardiac function, quality of life, and peripheral blood flow. In addition, there is an improved modulation of inflammatory, autonomic, and hormonal dysregulation after exercise training. This review focuses on the current evidence surrounding the beneficial effects of exercise training in CHF patients.

Keywords: Heart Failure, exercise training, functional capacity. Read more