Declaration of Conflicting Interests procedure refers to a particular policy. A journal may demand a conflict of interest statement or a conflict of interest declaration of a presenting or publishing author.

The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) declares in its Guidelines on Good Publication Practice (2003) that:

‘Conflicts of interest happen when authors, reviewers, or editors have interests that are not fully clear, and that may affect their judgments on whatever is published. They have been described as those that would produce a careful reader feel misled or deceived when declared later.’

Scholars, researchers, and experts may have potential conflicts of interest that could affect – or could be recognized to – influence their research. As a result, any Synergy Publishers journals need a specific statement of conflicting interests allowing an account to be taken within the paginated published article.

A potential conflicting interest might result from associations, loyalties, or hostilities to particular groups, organizations, or concerns, which may excessively affect one’s views or procedures. The subject is susceptive when such cases are unusual and/or may result in personal gain.

Articles will be decided fairly and will not indeed be refused when any competing concerns are declared.

Cases of conflicts of interest might add the following, although it is not an exhaustive listing:

  • Giving collected fees for counseling.
  • Owning obtained study funding.
  • A relevant organization has applied to hold.

Possessing assets or shares in an organization that the publication of your paper strength control.

Owning received funds compensates you for attending a relevant conference or discussion.

If further interests that the study reader might reflect have changed your research, you may also be required to declare them.

*Note that it is not expected that details of financial arrangements be disclosed when a competing interest is declared

Author Assurances Concerning Conflicting Interests

In your Journal Publishing Contributor Agreement, you will be bound to prove that:

  • All sorts of financial support, including pharmaceutical organization help, are acknowledged in your Contribution.
  • Commercial/financial connections might provide an impression of conflict of interest connected to the Contribution are revealed in a cover note following the Contribution and will be directing such potential conflicts of interest with the Editor as to whether the showing of this information with the published Contribution is to be carried in the Journal.
  • You have not established an agreement with any sponsor of the study published in the Contribution that contains you from publishing positive and negative outcomes or stops you from publishing this research without the sponsor’s prior consent.
  • You have examined the manuscript submission guidelines to see whether the Journal needs a Declaration of Conflicting Interests and have complied with the conditions defined where such a policy exists.

How do I compare the Manuscript Submission Guidelines to understand if the Journal I am Submitting or Publishing Requires a Declaration?

Please refer to the Manuscript Submission Guidelines on the journals page to examine the policy of the Synergy Publishers journal in which you are submitting or publishing to assure you comply with any particular conditions needed.

Editor Responsibilities Concerning Conflicting Interests

The exact responsibilities both apply to editors or guest editors writing an editorial published in the Journal.

How Do I Obtain A Declaration?

Submitting your article in a journal asks you to make a Declaration of Conflicting Interests. Add such declaration at the end of the manuscript after Acknowledgements and before the Funding Acknowledgement, Notes (if relevant), and References, under the label ‘Declaration of Conflicting Interest.’ If no conflict exists, please declare that ‘The Author(s) declare(s) no conflict of interest.’

*Please note, a Conflict of Interest Statement will not appear in journals that do not need a declaration of conflicting interests. Where a declaration is required, the disclosure information must be particular and include any financial relationship that all authors of the study have with any sponsoring organization and the for-profit interests the organization serves.

Additional Awareness

You may find the subsequent helpful references to apply to for more information on Conflict of Interest procedures, current codes of exercises, and more common good practices about journal publication standards: