Our Aim Call for Papers

Synergy's aim is to provide an excellent platform to the research talent and the work done by scientists, academia, practitioners, scholars, post graduate students of science, so that fellow researchers could get benefit from the innovative researches done. Our journal's aim is to cover all the scientific research in a broader way to facilitate the researchers from various verticals to publish their papers. Furthermore, our aim is to provide such podium where the researchers can publish their valuable work in the current time enabling them to continue further. Synergy is an upcoming publishing company which focuses to offer peer-reviewed research journals, covering a wide range of academic disciplines. We have a team of experienced publishing professionals who are determinant to maintain the highest standards of peer reviewed papers for their on time publications.


“My experience and opinion with Synergy Publishers is the following: I can affirm with all sincerity, the journals of this Institution are open to new ideas in Medicine. This is based on a transparent and worthy work with the manuscript on research work submitted to evaluation, with honest contribution to Medical Science and Heath Care.”

Antonio N Gomez ValdesDepartment of Internal Medicine, Havana University School of Medicine, Cuba