Prof. Dr. Bogdan Feliks Kania

“It was a real pleasure to work with Synergy Publishers. Fast publication. Editorial team is very helpful and proffesional. Review proces is pretty quick. Our working relationship has been perfect. I hope that our cooperation will be continued.”

Prof. Dr. Bogdan Feliks KaniaAgriculture University in Cracow, Cracow
Tsatsaris Athanasios

“Nowadays, an extensive proliferation of new scientific Publishers around the world takes place. Competition amongst them is based on reliability ,quality and speedy off provided services. Synergy Publishers has emerged as an outstanding Publisher encompassing the aforementioned characteristics that are most appreciated by authors reviewers and readers alike. Scientific publishing Cooperation with Synergy Publishers is strongly recommended.“

Tsatsaris AthanasiosIerion Corporation U.S.A
Tahziba Hussain

“Synergy Publishers is really good for fast publication. One of my article was not getting published for a long time.
I sent it to the Journal of Therapy & Management in HIV infection and I am really impressed with the fast review process and publication.
It is a wise decision to choose this journal and not waste unnecessary time.
I recommend Synergy Publishers to Scientists and young researchers”.

Tahziba HussainICMR-Regional Medical Research Centre, Odisha, India
P. Parthiban

Really it is a good experience with Synergy Publishers. The Synergistic effect of Editorial, Editorial Director, Publication Manager and Composer reflected in the speedy and prompt outcome without any flaw.

P. ParthibanVel Tech Multi Tech Dr. RR Dr SR Engineering College, Chennai, India
M. Jalloh

Thank you so much for the great editorial process and the close collaboration between Synergy team, the reviewers and the authors. This is nice teamwork.

M. JallohDepartment of Urology, Hopital General de Grand Yoff, Senegal
Andrew Stuart

“The experience with Synergy Publishers was excellent from submission to final publication. The turnaround time was very good. The assistance during the composition of the final publication copy was excellent.”

Andrew StuartEast Carolina University, Greenville, NC, USA
David Pedroza-Escobar

“It was very satisfying to publish with Synergy Publishers. The editors were willing to answer my questions and doubts and the referee´s observations were very polite and objective. The manager of publications also was in touch with me through the process of publishing my manuscript.”

David Pedroza-EscobarUniversidad Autónoma de Coahuila, Torreón México
Mary-Louise McLaws

“The submission platform was pleasantly simple. We were most grateful for the reviewers’ professional and supportive comments that were structured as a positive critique that aimed at ensuring that our manuscript was methodological clear and balanced. I would also like to request that your Journal consider providing a waiver for research coming from developing countries that have not been generated from research grants (and where university-based collaborators does not have access to publication fee funds)”.

Mary-Louise McLawsUniversity of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
James Dolbow

“Publishing in Journal of Rehabilitation Robotics of Synergy Publishers was relatively quick and painless. Their correspondence with me was timely and thorough. I felt like their communication with me was a major part of my comfort publishing in their journal and is why I will submit to them again. Also, their publishing fees are not hidden and are very affordable. This is very appreciated and why I will be coming back to hopefully publish again with them.”

James DolbowLincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN, USA
Alexander Manché

“My experience has been very positive. The submission process was very user friendly, the journal offers a fair amount of flexibility, and the reviewers were very prompt and professional with their assessment., I shall certainly consider sending other articles to this journal”

Alexander ManchéMater Dei Hospital, Malta
Rehab Abd-Elraouf Sallam

” It was a pleasure publishing my work with was a very good experience
indeed..your responce was fast..and reviewers were presice and accurate…looking
forward to share my work again with you. “

Rehab Abd-Elraouf SallamMansoura Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura, Egypt
Madeline Corrigan

“We were very pleased with the fast review process and response times from Synergy Publishers!”

Madeline CorriganNew Jersey Institute of Technology, New Jersey, NJ, USA
Maria Antonelli

“Great experience doing the submission and review. Easy access to editors and contacts through email. No hassles really!”

Maria AntonelliCase Western Reserve University / MetroHealth Medical Center, USA
Professor Abdel Ghaly

“Thank you very much Imran for sending my complimentary copy and for a job well done. This is my first paper wirh the journal and I am happy with the processing efficiency and quality of the journal. Keep up the good work”.

Professor Abdel GhalyDalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
Farida Chentli

“It was a real pleasure to work with synergy publishers as author and reviewer. The editorial team is very dynamic and helpful. The most interesting for authors is the very rapid and especially blind review. Therefore, there is not any continent segregation. Reviewers are doing their best to improve the quality of articles and to reply as quickly as possible. We hope the journal of Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus will be soon indexed in PubMed to increase the number of readers and authors.”

Farida Chentli(Bab El Oued Hospital, Algiers, Algeria)
Mohammad Asif

I am so glad to publish with Synergy publishers. Good journal, very fast publication.The speed with which my manuscript was reviewed and published has come as a pleasant surprise to me. That was a good surprise.

Mohammad Asif 12-03-2015
Kamalika Chowdhury

Thanks a lot for considering our work for publishing in IJSLPA. The whole journey of publication with “Synergy Publishers” was awesome, specifically with Madam Hoor Fatima & Sir Imran. I am very happy of their prompt communication and the way they cooperated (from selection of the manuscript till publication) at every step. Would look forward in future to submit my work to “Synergy Publishers”.

Kamalika Chowdhury23-12-2014Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences, Indore, India
Neepa Gopinath Vellimuttam

It was a great pleasure working with ‘Synergy publishers’. The whole experience was nice, very professional, prompt in response, and friendly at the same time. I would definitely publish more articles with Synergy publishers.

Neepa Gopinath Vellimuttam16-12-2014Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, India
Claudia Baraldi

Amazing experience! I’m glad that the manuscript is open to the world so that me, and all researchers could benefit from it. I hope further studies will be performed on this scientific field. I must thank all Synergy-GJGH equip and professors for the celerity of the reviewing and publication process, cooperation and professionalism.

Claudia Baraldi20-11-2014University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Desiree S. Castillo

Thank you Synergy Publishers for all of your help throughout the peer review and publishing process. The professionalism of the entire publishing team (Madiha and Ahmed) and composer (Imran) made for a positive and memorable collaboration with my co-authors. It has been a wonderful experience!

Desiree S. Castillo16-10-2014Montefiore Medical Center, USA
Martin D. Provencher

“It was a pleasure working with your team at Synergy Publishers. Looking forward to publishing future work in your journal.”

Martin D. Provencher26-9-2014Université Laval, Québec, Canada
Tewogbade A. Adedeji

“I really and deeply appreciate your consistent prompt and favourable actions/reactions in all our interactions. It has been very pleasant relating with different departments/staff members of ynergy Publishers. They all operate on the same principle of promptness and consistency. The policy is in deed steadfastness- no delay on the action track. They are all amiable. In a nutshell, “SYNERGY IS WONDERFUL” !

Tewogbade A. Adedeji4-8-2014Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Antonio Gomez-Valdes

“I want to emphasize that during the publication of my research paper with “Synergy Publishers”. I appreciate the serious and masterly work of this institution. It was recognized through the professional level of the manager publishers (Madiha), and the responsibility a comprehension of the composer (Imran), both with the purpose of the best publication.”

Antonio Gomez-Valdes4-8-2014Havana University School of Medicine, Havana, Cuba
R.M. Mukherjee

Its really a wonderful experience for me regarding the publication process of ‘Synergy Publishers’ which is friendly, cooperative as well as professional. In other words, publication experience with ‘Synergy Publishers’ was simply amazing.

R.M. Mukherjee12-6-2014Asian Health Care Foundation, India
Siddappa Sujatha

The peer review was professionally done by people who were knowledgeable about the subject it was positive constructive criticized at its best it is a value to any journal to have a peer review such as yours.

Siddappa Sujatha19-5-2014Victoria Hospital Campus, Bangalore, India
Robert Florkowski

It was a nice surprise that our paper was accepted by journal of medical profile. It clearly indicates that you are open-minded editors with wide scope of interest, very aware of the interconnections between various scientific domains (for example medicine and social sciences). Your assistance made the publishing process smooth. Each time we needed help, it was given to us instantly in a very friendly style. Hopefully, we will have an opportunity to work together again.

Robert FlorkowskiUniversity School of Physical Education, Poznań, Poland
Marie Therese Le Normand

It was really a nice experience to submit a paper to IJSLPA. I have been very impressed by the professionalism of Synergy editorial and composing team.

Marie Therese Le Normand07-4-2014INSERM & Laboratoire de Psychopathologie et Processus de Santé, Paris, France
P. Shivachev

“Thank you for the useful collaboration. We are impressed by the professionalism, honesty and speed of work of the team of Synergy Publishers. We are pleasure working with you in the future.”

P. Shivachev25-3-2014University Hospital "St. Marina”, Varna, Bulgaria
Mei Chun-Mei Tsai

To work with “Synergy Publishers” is a good experience, they are fast, professional, friendly attitude of staff, careful division of labor. And it is the choice of the future you can cooperate with.

Mei Chun-Mei Tsai10-03-2014National Taipei University, Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Kola’ Azeez Oyediran

“The follow-up was excellent, thus, never had cause to log on to check the status of the manuscript. I was informed of every action and was reminded in a timely manner”

Kola’ Azeez Oyediran3-3-2014John Snow Inc/MEASURE Evaluation, USA
Jian Chen

“It’s really a pleasant experience to cooperate with your team and I’m very appreciate for your professional and high-efficient work. I hope the Global Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology will be known by more and more Chinese researchers and be cited by SCI as soon as possible.”

Jian Chen26-2-2014Fudan University, Shanghai, China
Pr. Pascal Cathébras

It has been of great simplicity to submit a paper by e-mail to JADR, and I have been very impressed by the professionalism of Synergy editorial and composing team.

Pr. Pascal Cathébras3-2-2014Service de Médecine Interne, Hôpital Nord, Saint-Etienne, France
N. Banumathy

I am really glad to experience such a wonderful process of publishing research articles. I appreciate the quick peer reviewing, and speedy process of publication and communication with authors. This is the most expected aspect of any publisher from researchers all around the world. Synergy publishers do stand up to this. I am glad to be a part of this excellent team.

N. Banumathy30-1-2014Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India
James Hays

Thank you so much for the good work you do. Our working relationship has been excellent and your attention to detail has been vital. I am truly looking forward to working with Synergy on future publications. Thanks again.

James Hays30-1-2014PlasmaGenix, Inc., Inglewood, CA, USA
John O’Neil Simmonds

It was a pleasure working with Synergy Publishers as the vehicle in facilitating the publishing of our article focusing on the novel approach in treating HIV associated neuropathy with regenerative medicine. I look forward to working with Synergy Publishers on future publication within the field of regenerative medicine.

John O’Neil Simmonds23-1-2014PlasmaGenix, Inc., Inglewood, CA, USA
Venkataswamy Sorna

I am very happy to publish with “Synergy Publishers” and I appreciate Synergy for published my work in their “Journal of Modern Medicinal Chemistry”. “Journal of modern Medicinal Chemistry” is an important review journal in the field of medicinal chemistry and it is a leading journal in the field of general medicinal chemistry. I will highly recommend it to scientists working in the field of Medicinal Chemistry to publish their research work.

Venkataswamy Sorna15-1-2014Huntsman Cancer Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
P. Bassey Williams

I am highly delighted to be associated with Synergy Publishers, and publishing in the Global Journal of Dermatology & Venereology. I appreciated the high level of professionalism, prompt and thorough peer-review process as well as early acceptance notification and timely publication of my research article. These prompt actions are indeed perfect for most researchers and authors around the world. Please, Keep-up with the good job. I will continue to send my future papers to GJDV for publication considerations.

P. Bassey Williams3-1-2014Chicago State University, Chicago, IL, USA
Chris(tiane) Lange-Kuettner

The publication with Synergy proceeded at an amazing pace – the publishers worked promptly on all day queries while it was night in Europe, so I could continue in the morning with their work already done overnight. Amazing around the clock.

Chris(tiane) Lange-Kuettner3-1-2014London Metropolitan University, London, UK
Mohammed Bahgat

I am so glad to publish with Synergy Publishers. It is my honor and looking forwards to keeping the good work on.

Mohammed Bahgat26-12-2013Alexandria University Hospitals, Alexandria, Egypt
Alan Sacerdote

Working with the editorial staff at JADR has been a pleasure, both in my functions as a contributing author and as Editor-in-Chief. Everyone has been supportive, understanding, honest in their appraisals, and thoroughly professional.

Alan Sacerdote24-12-2013SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY USA
Lejla Junuzović-Žunić

I have very good experience with “Synergy Publishers”. The whole procedure in the process of publishing the article is very simple. All instructions are also very simple and precise. Review process is quick. Professionalism is at high level. I look forward to future cooperation.

Lejla Junuzović-Žunić19-12-2013University of Tuzla, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Marco Picichè

I am grateful to Synergy Publisher for the speedy reviewing and publication process. It was nice to publish in the Journal of Cardiology and Therapeutics. So, I wish you all the best and I strongly encourage researchers to publish in your journals. I will certainly send further papers for the JCT

Marco Picichè16-12-2013San Filippo Neri Hospital, Rome, Italy
Penka Gatseva

I and my co-authors thank Synergy Publishers for the publication of our work in Journal of Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus.

We thank for the speedy reviewing and publication process of Synergy. We recommend our colleagues to publish with Synergy Publishers.

Penka Gatseva10-12-2013Medical University-Plovdiv, Bulgaria
V. Balamurugan

The experience with Synergy Publishers is superb and very fast online system for evaluation of the Manuscript for peer review to final decision. The tracking system is very simple, concise and convenient.

The staff is co-operative and their responses are prompt with a aim to expedite the publication process at the earliest.”

V. Balamurugan10-12-2013PD_ADMAS, Hebbal, Bangalore, India
Dejan Stevanović

I am excited to have my articles readily available on line. Many people and myself benefit from it. Publishing with “Synergy Publishers” was a nice experience. The submission, peerreview, and publication process were all simple and fast. Considering that we are living the future of open-access articles, I think that “Synergy Publishers” is a good opportunity for different authors across the world. However, I think that they need to offer options for post-publication reviews to our articles in order to advance open-access publishing further”

Dejan Stevanović10-12-2013General Hospital Sombor, Sombor, Serbia
Vijay Zawar

It is nice working with Synergy Publishers. Good experience with easy submission and quick decision. Wish you more success.

Vijay Zawar10-12-2013Shreeram Sankul, Opp. Hotel Panchavati, Nashik, India
Dr. Mohamed Jalloh

I have a good experience with Synergy throughout all the Publication Process. I appreciate the high level of Professionalism, enthusiasm and quick action. The best to show my satisfaction is to say that I will keep publishing with Synergy.

Dr. Mohamed JallohDec 5, 2013Urologue Hopital General de Grand Yoff Dakar, Senegal
Bob Freeman

The publication experience with Synergy Publishers went quite smoothly. The staff responses are prompt and courteous and aim to expedite the publication process.

Bob FreemanJul 5, 2013Bethesda, MD USA
Jaimanti Bakshi

Thank you very much for the information. I thank Synergy for publishing my work in their valuable journal ” Journal of Rhinolaryngo-Otologie”. I am so happy and contented with the speedy reviewing and publication process of Synergy publishers. I will be sending my more papers for publication in future too.

Jaimanti Bakshi June 22, 2013MS,DNB,MNAMS
Ibrahim Mohammed Hammouda

I am very glade to publish with “Synergy Publishers” which does not the first time. I will be happy to distribute this to our colleagues in the faculty of Dentistry, Mansoura and UMM Al qurra Universities.

Ibrahim Mohammed HammoudaJuly, 04, 2013Mansoura Univeristy, Mansoura, Egypt
Guang JI

I think the Synergy Publishers have set up a fast review system in the respects of quickly initial evaluation, quickly peer reviews and quickly final decisions. The attitude of reviewing manuscript is rigorous. The “tracking system” is concise and convenient. So this publication experience is joyful. Since the English is not the mother tongue for us, if editor give more suggestion on grammar and syntactical structure, it will help us a lot.

Guang JIJune, 25, 2013Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, China