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  • Nabil Ahmed Al-Rabeei Associate professor of Public Health

    I am very thanks to Synergy Publishers for the quickly reviewing and publication process. All guidelines are very simple and precise So, I will inform all my colleagues to publish their articles in Synergy Publishers.

  • Dr.Brahmayya Manuri HUNG KUANG UNIVERSITY, Taichung City

    I am so glad to publish with Synergy publishers.A good platform for the innovative research work with international peer review.One of the outstanding journal in this coming years.

  • Dr. P K Hota Mamata Medical college, Khammam, Andhra Pradesh, India

    It is an honor to serve as a reviewer in this world class journal. As an author in the first ever edition of this journal, I am grateful to the editorial board for their kind consideration in publishing my article. From the quality of the first issue, it is evident that a world class top notch journal in the field of surgery is born for the future surgeons dedicated to this noble field. I wish all the success for the journal for a bright future.

  • Solange Moreira da Silva Federal University of Goiás, Goiania, Brazil

    I’m glad on publishing with Sinergy. They offer a simple and fast submission proccess. That was a good surprise.

  • Umit Tursen Prof. Dr. Dermatologist, Mersin University, School of Medicine, Mersin, Turkey

    Good journal, fast publication…

  • Prof. Dr. Mohammed Rahmatullah Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Development Alternative, Bangladesh

    I am simply amazed with the professionalism and dedication of the staff of the various Synergy publications. The speed with which my manuscript was reviewed and published has come as a pleasant surprise to me.

  • Paweł Lizis Holy Cross University, Kielce, Poland

    Dr Paweł Lizis Holy Cross College, Kielce, Poland
    Thanks to Synergy Publisher for the efficient performance process of review and the publication of the manuscript. Instructions for Authors are accurate. I will recommend to my colleagues, that published their work in Synergy Publisher.

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