Journal of Rehabilitation Robotics

Table of Contents
Volume 1, No. 2, December 2013

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Research Articles

Effect of Robot-Assisted Treadmill Training on Motor Functions Depending on Severity of Impairment in Patients with Bilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy Pages 71-81
Stanislava Klobucká, Michal Kováč, Elena Žiaková and Robert Klobucký

Participant Feedback in the Evaluation of Novel Stroke Rehabilitation Technologies Pages 82-92
Katie L. Meadmore, Ann-Marie Hughes, Chris T. Freeman, Valerie Benson and Jane H. Burridge

Estimation of Forces and Moments of Lower Limb Joints from Kinematics Data and Inertial Properties of the Body by Using Inverse Dynamics Technique Pages 93-98
Subhra Chowdhury and Neelesh Kumar

Effects of Compliant Coupling on Cooperative and Bimanual Task Performance Pages 99-108
Samuel McAmis and Kyle B. Reed

Review Article

Transfemoral Prosthesis with Polycentric Knee Mechanism: Design, Kinematics, Dynamics and Control Strategy Pages 109-123
Oleksandr M. Poliakov, Victor B. Lazarev and Olena O. Chepenyuk