Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Bioengineering Selected Articles:

Volume 3, Number 1

Effect of Particle Size on the Kinetic Parameters of the Deproteinization Process of Galactose Supplemented Shrimp Shells by Aspergillus niger
Nesreen Mahmoud and Abdel Ghaly

Volume 2, Number 2

Human Platelet Lysates Promote the Differentiation Potential of Adipose-Derived Adult Stem Cell Cultures
Caroline Rauch, Elisabeth Feifel, Angelika Flörl, Kristian Pfaller and Gerhard Gstraunthaler

The Antibacterial Activity of ZrO2 Nanoparticles on Biocide Resistant Bacilli in Paints
O.F. Obidi and S.C.U. Nwachukwu

Volume 2, Number 1

Tissue Engineering of Human Septal Cartilage Using a Rotary Bioreactor
Marsha S. Reuther, Van W. Wong, Kristen K. Briggs, Barbara L. Schumacher, Robert L. Sah, Koichi Masuda and Deborah Watson

A New Operative Telesurgical System: Telelap Alf-X – Experimental Study on Animal Model
Valentina Larocca, Francesco Marino, Antonio De Filippis, Stefano Gidaro and Achille Lococo

Human Platelet Lysates Successfully Replace Fetal Bovine Serum in Adipose-Derived Adult Stem Cell Culture
Caroline Rauch, Jaqueline Wechselberger, Elisabeth Feifel and Gerhard Gstraunthaler

Volume 1, Number 2

DTM-Padé Numerical Simulation of Electrohydrodynamic Ion Drag Medical Pumps with Electrical Hartmann and Electrical Reynolds Number Effects
O. Anwar Bég, M.M. Rashidi, M.T. Rastegari, Tasveer A. Bég, S.S. Motsa and Amna Halim

Micro-Morphologies of Two Typical Leaf Surfaces and the Effects on their Hydrophobicity and Anti-Adhesion
Hui-Na Cao, Zhi-Wu Han, Hui-Ying Guan, Zhi-Hui Qian and Jun-Feng Ye

Volume 1, Number 1

Asperger’s Syndrome and Skin Vibration Sessions: A Theoretical Model
Athanasios Tsatsaris and Domenikos Steven

Prevalence of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase, AmpC Beta-Lactamase, and Metallo-Beta-Lactamase among Clinical Isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Rehab Mahmoud Abd El-Baky, Nehal Hussein Abd El-Azeim and Gamal Fadl Mahmoud Gad

Bacterial Growth Inhibitory Effect of Ceratonia siliqua L. Plant Extracts Alone and in Combination with Some Antimicrobial Agents
Alyaa Hatem Ibrahim, Rehab Mahmoud Abd El-Baky, Samar Yehia Desoukey, Ahmed Abd-Lateff and Mohamed Salah Kamel