International Journal of Speech & Language Pathology and Audiology Selected Articles:

Volume 3, Number 1

Effects of Short Term Interferential Current Stimulation on Swallowing Reflex in Dysphagic Patients
Shuhei Sugishita, Takahisa Imai, Toshihiro Matsui, Takashi Daimon, Sonoko Nozaki, Hiroo Yoshikawa and Yoshitaka Oku

Imitation and Naming in Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Gila Tubul-Lavy

Volume 2, Number 2

Improving Deaf Children’s Working Memory through Training
Terezinha Nunes, Rossana Barros, Deborah Evans and Diana Burman

Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder among DPOAEs Screened Infants
Mohamed M. Abdeltawwab

Relationships between Craniofacial Morphology, Sex, and Deglutitive Hyoid Bone Movement
Lori Danielle Cunningham, Graham C. Schenck, Jamie L. Perry and Andrew Stuart

Referential Choice in the Narratives of Italian Speakers with Klinefelter Syndrome
Mirta Vernice, Federica Clerici, Anna Cremante and Annapia Verri

Pragmatic Language Deficits in Asperger’s Syndrome (Higher Functioning Autism): Review of Pathology and Effective Treatments in Adults
Santhana Gunasekaran

Volume 2, Number 1

Relationship between Swallowing Function, and Functional and Nutritional Status in Hospitalized Elderly Individuals
Yoshitoshi Kuroda

Activation of Neurons in the Rat Medulla Following a Gag Reflex Stimulus

Donna Scarborough and Lori Isaacson

Volume 1, Number 2

Oropharyngeal Swallowing Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease: Revisited
Emilia Michou, Laura Baijens, Laia Rofes, Pilar Sanz Cartgena and Pere Clavé

Vowel Articulation in Patients with Spinocerebellar Ataxia

Sabine Skodda, Uwe Schlegel, Thomas Klockgether and Tanja Schmitz-Hübsch

A Comparison of Two Directed Monitoring Conditions for Improving Comprehension
Sandra Laing Gillam, Jamison Fargo, Ronald B. Gillam and Carrie Smith Cruce

Volume 1, Number 1

Speech Preparation and Articulation Time in Bilinguals and Men
Christiane Lange-Küttner, Andrei-Alexandru Puiu, Maria Nylund, Santiago Cardona and Sabrina Garnes

Auditory P300: Selective Attention to 2 KHZ Tone-Bursts in Patients with Idiopathic Subjective Tinnitus
Shawky M. Elmorsy and Mohamed M. Abdeltawwab