International Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Mental Health

Table of Contents
Volume 3, No. 1, April 2015

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Case Report

Case Report: Psychotic Depression with Pseudodementia Misdiagnosed as Dementia Remitted with TCA Pages 1-3
Satoshi Ueda, Takeshi Sakayori and Yoshiro Okubo

Research Articles

Mental Health Service Utilization by Referrals from a Helpline for Suicide Prevention in Mumbai, India – Pages 4-8
Amresh Shrivastava, Megan Johnston, Avinash Desousa, Siddhansh Shrivastava, Sanjay Kukreja, Nilesh Shah and Shubhangi Parkar

Making Strides Towards Better Mental Health Care in Peru: Results from a Primary Care Mental Health Training Pages 9-19
C.P.C. Borba, B. Gelaye, L. Zayas, M. Ulloa, J. Lavelle, R.F. Mollica and D.C. Henderson

Review Articles

Compulsory Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa in Israel: Clinical Outcomes and Compliance Pages 20-30
Zohar-Beja Adit, Latzer Yael, Adatto Rachel and Gur Eitan

A Review of the Psychiatric Care Provided to Patients who Subsequently Offended (Pages 31-35)
Elnike Brand, Graham Mellsop and Rees Tapsell