Jun Shinoda, MD, PhD, FRCSEd

Center Director & Hospital Vice-Director, Chubu Medical Center for Prolonged Traumatic Brain Dysfunction, Kizawa Memorial Hospital
Professor & Chairman, Department of Clinical Brain Sciences, Gifu University Graduate School of Medicine
630 Shimo-kobi, Kobi-cho, Minokamo, Gifu 505-0034, Japan

Prof. Dr. Shinoda received his MD from Nagasaki University School of Medicine in 1981. Then in 1987, he was certified as a surgical specialist by the Japanese Board of Neurosurgery. The following year he completed a PhD in brain tumor pathology at Gifu University Graduate School of Medicine. He then served as a staff neurosurgeon at Daiyukai General Hospital in Ichinomiya, Japan before becoming Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, at Gifu University in 1995. In 1998, he did a neurosurgical fellowship at the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Edinburgh University, UK. Returning home in 2001, he was promoted to Associate Professor at Gifu University. He has served as Director of the Chubu Medical Center for Prolonged Traumatic Brain Dysfunction since 2004. At the same time, he also has been serving as Hospital Vice-Director and Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon of Kizawa Memorial Hospital in Minokamo, Japan. He was inducted into the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons at Edinburgh (FRCSEd) in 2006. He was appointed Professor and Chair of the Department of Clinical Brain Sciences at Gifu University Graduate School of Medicine in 2008. He is a Delegate Member of the Japan Neurosurgical Society. He is also an Executive Member of the Japan Photodynamic Neurological Society, the Japan Coma Society, the Japan Society for Music and Medicine, the Japan Radiosurgery Society, as well as the Japanese Society for Neural Repair and Neuro-Rehabilitation. He has also been Chairman of the Committee for Support of Patients with Executive Brain Dysfunction of Gifu Prefecture since 2004. His interests include: neuro-oncology such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy; epilepsy; functional neurosurgery; disorders of consciousness; impaired executive brain function and brain injury including speech and cognitive dysfunction; functional and molecular neuro-imaging including fMRI, PET, MEG and SPECT.